Services Overview

We can help you build your IT software infrastructure so that you can conduct your business in the most efficient manner. This includes transitioning you to the next generation of software and resolving your existing problems.

Our goal is to help you solve your IT business problems and make every client a reference account.

We help you plan and develop your ideas:

  • Discovery
  • Project Estimate
  • Project Planning
  • Project Development
  • Project Testing
  • Project Implementation
  • Support and Maintenance

Information Technology Consulting

Before investing a lot of time and money into a new hardware and software system only to find out that it doesn't quite fit your business needs, an independent consultant can offer advice to help you with hardware, software, network, staffing, contracts and budgetary decisions.

We can assist you in:

  • IT business planning, user support, hardware and software sales, and web site hosting
  • Budgeting
  • Hardware and Software Selection
  • Capacity Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Planning

Project Management

Your IT project goals will be professionally managed to achieve your business objectives. We will help you to define your IT requirements and create a detailed implementation plan.

We can assist you in:

  • Project Planning
  • Define project goals
  • Organization
  • Manage Resources
  • Manage Scope, Time and Budget Constraints
  • Process Flow
  • Milestones
  • Status Reports

Database Design And Management

Your database is the core of your business information. We design, manage and convert databases in Microsoft® SQL® Server 2016/2014/2012/2008/2005/2000, Microsoft® Access, and ODBC to better organize your data and improve information sharing in your business and with your partners and customers.

We can assist you in:

  • Database Design
  • Data Imports (SSIS), Conversions and Transformations
  • Azure setup and imports
  • Data Interfaces
  • TSQL, Query, Stored Procedure and View development
  • Data Analysis
  • Database Performance Analysis
  • SQL Server 2017/2016/2012/2008/2005 Installation
  • CosmosDB
  • Capacity Planning
  • Disaster Planning and Recovery
  • Database Security
  • Backup and Maintenance plans
  • SQL Reports (SSRS)
  • Our Database Forum

Web Site Design And Implementation

The internet and your internal Intranet provide your staff quick access to published documents, pages and databases. A custom web site will enable information sharing with your customers and other businesses.

We can assist you in:

  • Data Driven Websites
  • Domain Names
  • Hosting/IIS/Azure/AWS
  • C#, VB, Visual Studio 2019, ASP .NET Core, ASP .NET and Classic ASP
  • HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, RWD, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, DataTables, jVectorMap, ChartJS, Json, XML
  • Entity Framework, Linq, ADO, ODBC, SSRS
  • Web Services/APIs/REST/SOAP
  • Ecommerce website development
  • Ecommerce payment interfaces
  • Google Analytics and Adsense
  • Email Interfaces
  • Multimedia
  • Youtube interfaces
  • Our Development Forum

Custom Application Development

Your applications can be developed quicker by distributing the workload to qualified software engineers. We develop sophisticated data driven applications to solve your business requirements.

We can assist you in:

  • Application Architecture
  • Data driven development
  • C#, VB, Visual Studio 2019, .NET Core, and .NET
  • Entity Framework, Linq, ADO, ODBC
  • RFID, QR Code, Barcode, Alexa Skills, IoT and other device interfaces
  • Desktop Applications
  • Installer Programs
  • Application Programmer Interfaces (API)
  • Debugging and resolution
  • Report development
  • Our Development Forum

Performance Analysis

Isolate and identify your hardware and software performance bottlenecks in order to increase transactional data throughput and improve user response time. Plan and budget your IT system growth so that your system does not run out of gas during critical processing periods.

We can assist you in:

  • Database/Application/System/Network performance analysis
  • Identify Bottlenecks
  • Optimization
  • Tuning
  • Task Manager
  • Perfmon
  • SQL Profiler
  • SQL Execution Plans
  • Visual Studio 2015/2012/2010/2008, profiler
  • New Relic Performance Monitoring and Instrumentation
  • WinDbg/memory dumps
  • Sysinternals, Process Explorer, VMMap
  • AWS Cloudwatch
  • Fiddler, IE, and Chrome development and performance tools
  • ANTS
  • Ethereal
  • Performance Analysis Presentation

Capacity Planning

Plan and budget your IT system growth so that your system does not run out of gas during critical processing periods.

We can assist you in:

  • Anticipating CPU/Disk/Network requirements
  • Evaluating current hardware and software
  • Application Scaling
  • Distributed Processing